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Numascale makes the NumaChip

Numascale's NumaConnect™ technology enables computer system vendors to build scalable servers at a fraction of the price of current enterprise systems. NumaConnect allows high volume manufactured server boards to be used as building blocks for systems with features that are only found in the high-end enterprise servers from companies like IBM, HP and Sun. NumaConnect includes full support for virtualization of processing, memory and IO resources and can be used with standard operating systems.

At the heart of NumaConnect is NumaChip™ which is based on a chip set design that was developed by Dolphin Interconnect Solutions and used in high-end systems from Convex and Data General. New silicon technology and new chip interface standards from AMD and announced from Intel have made it feasible to use NumaChip to interconnect larger numbers of low cost servers to leverage the trend for consolidation of datacenter resources through virtualization. The continuing trend with multi-core processor chips is also continuously enabling more applications to take advantage of parallel processing.

NumaConnect enables applications to scale seamlessly beyond a single main board. No other interconnect technology outside the high-end enterprise servers can offer this capability today.

The price levels that can be obtained for systems using standard high volume server technology with NumaConnect are in the order of 1/20 - 1/30 of enterprise systems. The cost of NumaConnect will be comparable to high performance interconnect technologies for networking and clustering.

NumaChip contains an on-chip switch that eliminates the need for centralized switches and contributing to additional cost savings. This saves rack space and reduces power consumption and also provides linear incremental cost scaling as systems grow.

The additional functionality in NumaChip represents a significantly higher value to the customer compared to current interconnect technologies. NumaChip has potential applications in several applications spanning from transactional database, web services and storage systems to high performance computing. We believe that the early adopter market will be in datacenter applications for high performance computing. This market has an appetite for new technology and many of the applications are already enabled for parallel processing.

All high speed interconnects now use the same kind of physical interfaces resulting in almost the same bandwidth. The differentiation is in latency for the critical short transfers, functionality and software compatibility. NumaConnect differentiates from all other interconnects through the ability to provide unified access to all resources in a system and utilize caching techniques to obtain very low latencies. All applications can run unmodified on NumaConnect™ systems whereas only applications of a certain class can be used with message based interconnects and many need to be modified to obtain good performance.

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