Jobs at Numascale

FPGA Designer / ASIC Designer

In Oslo with telecommuting option


Numascale builds on a heritage of innovation and excellence in Norwegian history of processor development. We are a leading, independent developer of coherent interfaces for building shared memory server systems. Our products are very well suited in areas like Big Data, In Memory Databases, Real-time Analytics, Server Consolidation, General HPC, Oil&Gas, CFD, etc.


To meet increased R&D demands, we want to strengthen our team with motivated and talented FPGA engineers.


You will be part of a team developing next generation coherent interfaces for high end servers and HPC. Dependent on your skillset and personal preferences, you will be working with coherency protocols, processor design, memory controllers, serial transceivers, network protocols, etc.


You will be part of a close-knit, agile team environment, and you will be an active part of all aspects of the development; specification, design, verification, implementation and testing. In our team you'll be working with experienced specialists on coherency protocols for AMD and Intel CPUs, and designers with outstanding knowledge of ASIC design and FPGAs from Xilinx and Altera.


The ideal candidate will have excellent knowledge of coherency protocols, advanced FPGA design, SystemVerilog and UVM.


To qualify you need to have the following skills and experience:


· Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent

· HDL design in Verilog, VHDL or equivalent

· Self-motivated

· Strong work ethics

· Deep and sincere interest in our kind of technology

· Good cooperation and sharing skills

· Effortless communication in English, both written and spoken


You'll get additional credit for:


· Master degree, or equivalent, with relevant scope

· Knowledge of HyperTransport, QPI or equivalent protocols

· SystemVerilog and UVM

· Perl/TCL/shell scripting

· Hardware/firmware/software co-design

· Low level software programming

· ASIC design

· Schematic PCB design

· Experience as FPGA Designer / ASIC Designer / HDL Designer / Digital Design Engineer


Candidates with less experience, or graduates, will also be considered.


The development team is situated at the headquarters in Oslo, Norway. Full-time telecommuting is possible.


Please send your CV and application to:







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