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Numascale news

Amsterdam, February 3, 2015

MonetDB Solutions and Numascale team up to enter the In-Memory Big Data Analytics Market

The Dutch database technology company MonetDB Solutions and the Norwegian appliance company Numascale have joined forces to develop out-of-the-box database appliances for in-memory Big Data analytics. The NumaQ MonetDB appliances, available with >8TB main memory and >128 CPU cores, require zero setup effort and easily scale up to help customers make smarter decisions faster. The new appliances are expected to be available in Q2/2015.

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New Orleans, November 18, 2014

Numascale, Supermicro, and AMD Announce the World’s Largest Shared Memory System to Date

System features 5184 CPU cores and 20.7 TBytes of shared memory, handles massive amounts of data as the first part of a new large cloud computing facility for Big Data Analytics.


Numascale today announced the successful installation of a large shared memory Numascale/Supermicro/AMD system at a customer datacenter facility in North America. The system is the first part of a large cloud computing facility for analytics and simulation of sensor data combined with historical data.

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New Orleans, 18 November, 2014

Numascale acquires 1degreenorth’s NumaQ and expands Asia presence

NumaQ represents a new generation of in-memory-based analytics appliances that scales to thousands of cores and terabytes of memory for data and memory-intensive workloads.


New Orleans, November 18, 2014 ­ Numascale today announced the acquisition of NumaQ from 1degreenorth Pte Ltd. All the intellectual property and branding for NumaQ and engineering and sales staff from 1degreenorth will join Numascale immediately. With this acquisition, Numascale also expands its Asia presence via Numascale Asia Pte Ltd, a fully owned subsidiary.

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Singapore, November 17, 2014

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, acquires a NumaQ System for High Performance In-Memory Analytics Computations

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), a leading technology academy in Thailand, focusing on teaching and researching in engineering and technology as well as serving the local Thai industry, has acquired a large in-memory NumaQ system from Numascale – for large memory-based engineering computations and big data analytics.

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Singapore, 17 November 2014

National High Performance Computing Centre (Shenzhen), Shenzhen University acquires Numascale shared memory system.

National High Performance Computing Centre (Shenzhen), Shenzhen University, a leading research institute  in P. R. China,  has acquired a Numascale shared memory system  for high performance in-memory computing and big data analytics.


“Numascale shared memory system provides us larger global memory”, says Associate Professor Qiuming Luo, National High Performance Computing Centre (Shenzhen) , “Having large amounts of data in memory allows us to speed up our computations by many-folds and enable us to solve difficult big data analytics problem in much shorter time.”

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New Orleans, 17 November, 2014

MEGWARE and Numascale extend their collaboration – co-exhibit at SC14


MEGWARE and Numascale marks the strengthening of collaboration by co-exhibiting for the third consecutive year at Supercomputing.


MEGWARE is a main partner for Numascale through their great capacity and extensive knowledge as an IT system vendor and integrator. It has established thorough knowledge to handle Numascale’s advanced interconnect system with advanced customers. The HPC company offers servers that are well suited for building small or large multi core and shared memory systems.

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Leipzig 23. June 2014:

Numascale and 1degreenorth Introduce
NumaQ — Scalable In-Memory Analytics Appliance

NumaQ represents a new generation of in-memory-based analytics appliances that scales to thousands of cores and terabytes of memory for data and memory-intensive workloads.


Numascale, in collaboration with 1degreenorth, announces an innovative approach to big data analytics by providing in-memory capabilities via NumaQ systems. NumaQ, developed by 1degreenorth, employs Numascale's scalable shared memory technology to offer a new generation of high performance in-memory analytics capabilities that provide the power of a cluster coupled with the simplicity of a desktop.

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Oslo - 02 December 2013

Morten Toverud new CEO at Numascale

Numascale provides scalable solutions for big data applications, and the company is strengthening its staff to serve a world wide emerging market by taking on Morten Toverud as CEO. Morten starts his work in Numascale today.


Morten has extensive experience from the industry with his last position being VP R&D at Rheinmetall Defence in Oslo. Previous experience is as President & CEO in O-Mass AS, VP R&D in Tanberg Data ASA and from Kongsberg Informasjonskontroll AS. He started his career after studies and lecturing at the University of Oslo at The Norwegian Defence Research Establishment where he held a position as Senior Principal Scientist.


Denver - Oslo - 18 November, 2013

Numascale Shared Memory Cluster Set to Unlock Massive Data Sets and Ease HPC Programming at University of Oslo and Throughout Europe

As a PRACE implementation phase project, the successful easy-to-program large shared memory cluster is ready for general use.


Numascale today announced the successful validation of the large shared memory NumaConnect cluster at University of Oslo in Norway. The cluster is installed under a prototype PRACE study assessing emerging new technologies for European HPC.

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Oslo - Houston - 01 November 2013

Numascale LLC opens US head office in Houston TX

Numascale LLC's new office in Houston TX is now on operation. This is Numascale's US head office that handles all business in the Americas. Trond Smestad is managing the US operations of Numsacle from Houston. Numascale has a sales office in Westlake CA and an operations office in Woodsville NH.



Oslo - 02 September 2013

Erling Weibust Joins Numascale

Numascale is increasing its focus on delivering systems and solutions and has engaged Erling Weibust from August 2013.


Erling has more than 25 years of experience as an HPC Applications Specialist in the IT industry. He joins Numascale from IBM and has previously been working for the Aeronautical Research Institute of Sweden (FFA) and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm.



Pittsburg, PA - Oslo 01 July 2013

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, Numascale AS to Collaborate on Improved Memory Systems for Research

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center (PSC), Pennsylvania’s only National Science Foundation high performance computing facility, and Numascale AS, whose products support the construction of low-cost, scalable-server computer systems, have launched a collaborative project investigating the applicability of Numascale systems to the many research projects requiring more directly addressable memory than is readily available on single, commodity, multi-socket, large memory servers.


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Oslo - 03 June 2013:

Numascale hires Marco Merkel as Regional Sales Manager

Numascale is increasing its activity in the European markets and hires Marco Merkel as Regional Sales Manager for Central Europe from June 2013.


Mr. Merkel has more than 20 years experience in sales for the computer industry. He has previously worked for Panasas, BlueArc and Isilon.


Refer Numascale's Contact page to for contact details for your sales representative:



Oslo - 02 April 2013:

Updated - 13 June 2013:

New NumaConnect Demo System

Numascale has set up a new test and demo system. The resources are: 8 Supemicro Servers with Numaconnect, 128GB RAM and two 16 cores AMD 6380 processors, all together, 256 cores sharing 1TB.


To order access, please fill in this form:

→Request Access to the Demo System

→Updated Demo System Specs


We do also have larger systems that can be accessed on special request.


Contact Information
Numascale: Numascale Support




Salt Lake City UT - 12 November 2012:

Numascale Launches Scalable Shared Memory at Cluster Prices at SC2012 in Salt Lake City

NumaConnect enables users to build large, low-cost plug-and-play high performance shared memory systems.

NumaConnect Adapter cards deliver true plug-and-play connectivity between standard servers running a single pristine OS image. The hardware-controlled ccNuma environment allows applications to have fast access to the aggregate memory of all servers in the system. NumaChip is fabricated by IBM and can be seen operating with IBM x3755 M3 servers in booth 3218 at SC12 in Salt Lake City, Utah.


→Read the Press Release



BURTON-ON-TRENT, UK, 01. November, 2012:

Integrex HPC Supplies 1000-Core Cluster with Numascale Fabric

Nov. 1 — Integrex HPC, a UK HPC integrator, has been successful in a competitive bid to supply a 1000 core cluster to Keele University. The system is unique in that 256 cores of the cluster will be connected via the lastest Numascale fabric. The remaining cores are connected via QDR InfiniBand.


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Statoil Technology Invest joins ProVenture and Investinor in Numascale

Stavanger - Oslo - 11. July 2012


After successful testing of Numascale’s innovative technology for large-scale real shared memory systems under Statoil’s LOOP program, Numascale announces that Statoil Technology Invest is a new partner in Numascale. ProVenture and Investinor co-invests with Statoil and all Numascale shareholders have been invited to participate. The investment is divided in two tranches and the total amount of the first tranche of the share issue in Numascale is closing today at about NOK 21 000 000.


→Read the press release


Numascale, Concurrent Thinking and Gridcore Receive Eurostars Funding  for Technology for Big-Data Challenges

Oslo - Warwick - Gothenburg - 1. April 2012


Funded by Eurostars Concurrent Thinking of Warwick UK,

Gridcore of Gothenburg and Numascale of Oslo forms the E!6988 SEED project to provide scalable, cost efficient DC/HPC technology with SMP capabilities for big-data Challenges.


The project will leverage expertise in specialized interconnects, management software and HPC service provisioning to develop disruptive solutions aimed at big-data applications. This will enable exabyte-capable mainframe-class systems to be built from commodity servers and at a fraction of current expected cost levels.


→Read the press release



1DEGREENORTH announces NumaQ – an innovative big-data in-memory analytics appliance

Singapore - Hamburg, 18. June 2012


Singapore-based 1degreenorth Pte Ltd is pleased to annouced NumaQ, an innovative big-data in-memory analytics appliance.


NumaQ provides big-data analytics customers with a cost efficient appliance to analyse and visualize big-data workloads from hundreds of gigabytes to terrabytes. Virtualizing multiple x86 servers into a single SMP server via Numascale’s NumaConnect hardware and including a high-end Nvidia graphics card, data scientists are now able to model and view large datasets with the ease of use of a deskside workstation and with the power (and price) of a tradditional HPC cluster. To further simplify the management of NumaQ, 1degreenorth’s NumaManager provides a web-based dashboard to install, manage and operate the NumaQ appliance.


→Read the press release


Numascale, IBM and the University of Oslo together in European PRACE Prototype for Emerging Technology

Seattle WA. - Oslo - 15. November 2011


Building Large Shared Memory System using NumaConnect Adapters and IBM x3755 M3 Servers for Big Data Research


The University of Oslo (UiO), Numascale and IBM (NYSE: IBM) have signed an agreement for a prototype where the Numascale technology will be tested on a large scale for advanced research computation. Funded by the Norwegian Research Council, UiO and Framework Programme 7 through the first PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) implementation phase project, the project will evaluate NumaConnect for future use in pan-European Research Infrastructure. As part of the pilot program, IBM is providing the server infrastructure along with deep HPC competence across key functions  and Gridcore, a joint partner of Numascale and IBM, will build the new advanced computing resource.


→Read the Press Release


Universitetet i Oslo, Numascale og IBM sammen om norsk teknologi for avansert forskning

Oslo 14.11.2011:

Universitetet i Oslo (UiO), det norske teknologiselskapet Numascale AS og det internasjonale storkonsernet IBM har signert avtale om et pilotprosjekt hvor norskutviklet teknologi for avanserte beregninger skal utprøves i stor skala. Med prosjektmidler fra Norges Forskningsråd, UiO og PRACE (Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe), skal partnerne bygge opp en regneressurs basert på teknologien fra Numascale. Regneanlegget vil være det største av sitt slag og åpne for nye måter å benytte avanserte regneressurser i forskning.

Teknologien fra Numascale AS gjør det mulig å bygge opp store datasystemer med mange prosessorer  som deler hele systemets minne (RAM), ved hjelp av såkalt ”shared memory”. Med NumaConnect-teknologien kan man kople sammen flere mindre servere til en stor systemenhet på en mer effektiv måte. Dette kan bidra til store kostnadsbesparelser.


→Les hele pressemeldingen


Numascale Announces support for Supermicro 1042G-LTF and IBM System x3755 M3 with multi socket 8/12 core AMD Opteron 6000 Series

Hamburg - 17. June 2011


Demonstrating NumaConnect Scalable Shared Memory System

at ISC’11 in Hamburg


Numascale, a provider of innovative technology for cost-effective shared memory and cluster computer systems, announces support for their NumaConnect technology on new servers from IBM and Supermicro.  Both servers use Socket G34, supporting the 8 or 12 core AMD Opteron Magny-Cours processors. This lays the foundation for an increased scalability in high-performance SMP systems using standard servers and NumaConnect SMP adapters.


→Read the Press Release


Numascale Introduces NumaConnect SMP Adapters Offering Large Scale SMP Systems at Cluster Prices

New Orleans, Nov 15, 2010:


To demonstrate at SC10 how high performance cache coherent shared-memory systems can be created using off-the-shelf components


→Read the Press Release


Numascale demonstrates NumaConnect Software Development Kit at ISC10

Oslo, 25. May 2010


Numascale, an innovator of revolutionary technology for cost-effective SMP and cluster systems for HPC, today announced that it will officially demonstrate a live SMP cluster based on AMD Opteron processors and NumaConnect SDK at the International Supercomputer Conference (ISC10) in Hamburg starting May 31st 2010.


The breakthrough technology developed over the last 4 years is being showcased live for the first time. In booth 734 at ISC, Numascale features a multi-node system with each node containing two 6 core Opteron processors. With the FPGA based NumaConnect SDK installed in each node, it extends the cache coherent Hypertransport protocol to the whole system enabling it to run one single Linux operating system image with all memory, all processors and all I/O shared and available.  →Read the Press Release

Numascale exhibits at Supercomputing 09 in Portland Oregon

Oslo 12. November 2009


Numascale presents its products and technology at the worlds most important High Performance Computing event


The Supercomputing conference and exhibition has a 21 years history of growth to about 11 000 people in 2008. Numascale will present it NumaConnect SMP Adapter cards and the Numascale SDK.


Shared memory multiprocessing has a growing impact in the industry making Numascale's small revolution in HPC architecture timely.

Numascale at Supercomputing 09

Supercomputing 2009 Portland logo


November 16-19, 2009 Oregon Convention Center Portland, Oregon, Booth 634, →Press info for SC09



Numascale and StatoilHydro start collaboration project for the application of Numascale’s technology to oil-exploration software

Stavanger-Oslo 15. September 2009

The NumaLoop project is funded under StatoilHydro’s LOOP Product Development Program


The project will build a computer system based on Numascale’s shared memory interconnect hardware and qualify the system for StatoilHydro’s applications. The project will provide analysis of the performance and capability advantages of the platform for the applications.


Read more on the Statoil Numascale project →here


Numascale and the University of Oslo prepare for large scale NumaConnect™ system for the University’s Center for Information Technology Services (USIT)

Oslo 08. September 2009

The objective of the program is to build a shared memory system based on standard high volume servers and Numascales’s interconnect as a prototype for the University’s next large computer system


Read the story →here


ProVenture Seed AS and Investinor AS with co-investors fund Numascale AS with NOK 30 million

Trondheim-Oslo 02. September 2009

Read about the Numascale financing →here



Investinor's Press Release on the Investment in Numascale

Oslo 15. August 2009,

Read it →here (in Norwegian)



Numascale startup

Oslo, 26. June 2008, 

Dolphin Interconnect Solution's board today decided to create the Numascale AS subsidiary. The company starts operation today. →Numascale startup message

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