The NumaConnect Demo Systems

Numascale has test and demo systems available for evaluation. The intention is to offer small systems that can be accessed quickly and easily to validate the technology for your application. You apply for access by filling in a form and our technical staff will contact you for briefing and time slot allocation.


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→Demo System Specs

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→InsideHPC's Video Interview with
Numascale's Einar Rustad at SC2012


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Shared Memory - Cluster Price

Our groundbreaking NumaConnect™ products enable you to build scalable shared memory systems from standard Opteron™ servers.


Numascale delivers the NumaConnect SMP Adapter or the NumaChip to system vendors and advanced system users.

Numascale Shared Memory Cluster Set to Unlock Massive Data Sets and Ease HPC Programming at University of Oslo and Throughout Europe

As a PRACE implementation phase project, the successful easy-to-program large shared memory cluster is ready for general use.


Numascale today announced the successful validation of the large shared memory NumaConnect cluster at University of Oslo in Norway. The cluster is installed under a prototype PRACE study assessing emerging new technologies for European HPC.


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