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Numascale is working with tier1 and tier2 partners who are interested in building 8 socket and beyond Scale-Up servers for SAP/HANA, Big Data, HPC applications. Close alliance with Intel incorporating Intel UPI technology in Numascale node controller as a premier supplier to build 8s, 16s, 32s high-performance Scale_Up servers. Numscale builds technology alliances to deliver best in class node controller with superior business ROI. Our core architecture is flexible to embrace different flavors of cache coherent IOs to perform as a node controller or bridge chip to provide capabilities of TBs of uniform memory footprint essential for high-performance computing.

Technology collaboration model:


Intel is providing Cache Coherent IO technology (e.g. Quickpath Interconnect, Ultra Path Interconnect) and Numascale is building node controller with proprietary IPs. This node controller is used by OEM to build 8S, 16S, 32S… Scale-Up servers. End users (Oil & Gas, Financials, Scientific Research, etc.) are using these high-end Scale-Up servers to achieve much reduced TCO with high-performance computing throughput.


The partnership model could be multipronged.

Numascale can co-design the ASIC node controller with another OEM

OEM can fund the NRE for custom ASIC node controller designed by Numascale

Once the ASIC is done, OEM can build Scale-UP servers

Other OEM can buy the Scale-Up servers(e.g. OEM3 buys the Scale-Up systems from OEM1 and resale)

End-Users buys the Scale-Up servers from OEM2, OEM3, etc.)

OEMs can buy the ASIC chip directly from Numascale or through other ‘Go to Market’ channel