Scale-up Servers and Technology

        Build your Scale-up system with the Numascale Node Controller

Be prepared for the future with scalable in-memory computing


Real time decisions supported by processing large datasets in memory


33% TCO savings compared to Scale-out systems

Numascale Short
See what Numascale can provide

Numascale Booting the world’s largest shared memory system


Ease of use

  • Just one operating system to manage
  • Simplified programming with shared memory architecture
  • Application software management made easy by Numascale
  • For Scale-up applications and appliances; Contact AIA Science


Numascale Selected to Partner with 1degreenorth to Deploy On-Demand Big Data Analytics Infrastructure for Singapore’s National Computer Center. Click here to read the press release.


Numascale’s NumaConnect-2 Expands Performance and Features, Provides Ongoing Flexibility for Large Memory Systems. Click here to read the press release.

Numascale - Enabling the Scale-up Eco-System