Make Smarter Decisions Faster

Better models and larger datasets provide smarter decision making


Real time decisions supported by processing large datasets in memory


Accurate prediction by running more advanced models in the global shared memory

Numascale Short

See what Numascale can provide


Numascale booting the worlds largest shared memory system

Ease of use

  • Just one operating system to manage
  • Simplified programming with shared memory architecture
  • Application software management made easy by Numascale

Big Data Analytics appliances

Numascales in-memory Analytics Appliance is designed for running your data analytics workload in-memory. This gives a significant speed-up compared to traditional disk-based Hadoop clusters and data warehouses. Through Numascale’s unique shared memory interconnect technology, Numascale systems can scale from from 768GB RAM / 192 cores to 12TB RAM / 3072 cores running as a single shared memory server. No cluster of operating systems or nodes to manage. Data scientists and power users can now access a supercomputer with PC desktop-like experience with thousands of cores and terabytes of RAM.

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Smart Engineering

Automated anomalies detection for the IoT Ecosystem

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Numascale Traffic Prediction

What is the ideal route through Singapore?

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Numascale Appoints Goutam Debnath Vice President, Business Development. Click here to read the press release.


Numascale Selected to Partner with 1degreenorth to Deploy On-Demand Big Data Analytics Infrastructure for Singapore’s National Computer Center. Click here to read the press release.


Numascale’s NumaConnect-2 Expands Performance and Features, Provides Ongoing Flexibility for Large Memory Systems. Click here to read the press release.

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