King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, acquires a NumaQ System for High Performance In-Memory Analytics Computations

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Singapore, November 17, 2014

King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), a leading technology academy in Thailand, focusing on teaching and researching in engineering and technology as well as serving the local Thai industry, has acquired a large in-memory NumaQ system from Numascale – for large memory-based engineering computations and big data analytics.

“Our current combustion engineering computations are very complex”, says Asst. Prof. Wishsanuruk Wechsatol, Laboratory for Innovative Researches on Multiscale Mechanics, Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena in Modern Multidisciplinary Engineering Design (MMED), Department of Mechanical Engineering, KMUTT. “Having large amounts of data in memory allows us to speed up our computations by many-folds and enable us to solve difficult CFD and other multi-physics problems today”.

“We see the installation of our NumaQ system at KMUTT as an important milestone for utilizing standards-based x86 systems to build a scale-out to scale-up architecture for extreme scalability, meeting the demanding requirements in Big Data and complex computations where large data-sets must be stored in memory”, says Morten Toverud , CEO of Numascale. “We are very excited that KMUTT have selected NumaQ as their big data computation and analytics platform and we look forward to a close collaboration with them.”

About KMUTT: KMUTT is a young but rapidly growing University.Since the establishment in 1960, KMUTT is now ranked #1 in Thailand by Time’s Higher Education from 2012-2014. Being specialized in Science & Technology, KMUTT has assisted industry partners to define the boundary of technologies. This includes Seagate, WD, EGAT, Mitrhol, SCG, PTT among others.

About Numascale AS: With offices in Europe, Asia, and the USA, Numascale’s groundbreaking NumaConnect interconnect technology is the backbone for the most scalable server computer systems. NumaConnect allows high-volume manufactured server boards to be used as building blocks for systems with features that are only found in high-end enterprise servers. NumaConnect includes full support for virtualization of processing, memory, and I/O resources, and can be used with standard operating systems.

Numascale is supported by: Statoil, ProVenture, Investinor, Innovation Norway, Norges forskningsråd, and Eurostars. For more information, visit


KMUTT Media Contact:
Asst. Prof. Wishsanuruk WECHSATOL
Mechanical Engineering Department,KMUTT
email: [email protected]

Numascale Media Contact:

Dr Zhao Pei
Numascale Asia Pte Ltd
email: [email protected]