NumaChip-3 node-controller with Intel’s Ultra Path Interconnect™

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Scale-Up Technology for large servers

Scale-Up systems connect multiple CPUs to form larger systems where all processes can share all resources; memory, processing cores, I/O and storage. Scale-up systems with Numascale’s NumaChip-3 can be configured to support 8 to 32 CPUs in a single system under one instance of the operating system. A higher number of CPUs constitutes a larger system with correspondingly larger memory to handle applications with large memory and compute requirements. Among the applications that benefit from Scale-Up systems are SAP/Hana, transactional databases, scientific simulations, Advanced Analytics, Real-time Streaming, AI (ML, DL), etc. A common requirement for all of those applications is to have access to large amounts of memory across the CPUs (sockets) with system-wide cache coherency.

Scale-Out or Horizontal Scaling (Distributed connection of servers over many compute nodes)

Scale-Out is a distributed computer architecture. Typically, a compute node consists of 2-4 CPU sockets. A number of such nodes are then horizontally connected in non-cache coherent way through a network fabric. The memories are not visible across nodes. It is not possible to obtain a single memory image (across sockets) as is the case with Scale-Up systems. This will limit throughput and capacity for all applications that are memory “hungry” and compute intensive.

Scale-Up Advantage

Annual cost for Scale-Up servers vs. Scale-Out servers in a selected environment for a given number of users, have the following advantages according to IDC:

  1. Productivity Improvement – simpler application development

  2. Reduction in IT personnel – fewer individual machines to manage and maintain

  3. Power and Facilities improvement – better utilization of resources

  4. Server and Network improvement – fewer network fabric ports and switches

  5. Software efficiency improvement – tighter coupling between processes

  6. Overall TCO savings

Scale-Up Server Products

For large data centers, the number of individual machines can be reduced with an order of magnitude by moving from 2CPUs per node to 16-32 CPUs. System vendors can build high-end Scale-Up systems with Numascale node-controllers and offer significant reduction in datacenter TCO for their customers.


The NumaChip-3 node-controller is compatible with Intel’s UPI1.0 interface. Numascale is now developing the next generation node-controller to match with Intel’s roadmap for use with the next generation UPI 2.0 technology.

NumaChip-3 for Intel Ultra Path Interconnect 1.0

NumaChip-3 High Level Specifications


    • Innovative Shared memory, Scalable, Cache Coherent System Interconnect Architecture

    • Supports high-end 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (Purley and Whitley Platforms) processor nodes

    • Supports Intel Ultra Path Interconnect 1.0 (UPI 1.0) technology

    • ASIC implementation capable of supporting (2S, 4S, 8S, 16S, 32S) system configurations


    • Supports up to 11.2 GT/s full-width data-rate per UPI port

    • Performance improvement through full-directory snoop filter architecture

    • 2-UPI ports for connecting to CPUs

    • 8 interconnect ports for connecting to other dual-CPU nodes, each port carries the full UPI bandwidth

    • Supports two parallel data-planes by doubling the number of UNCs per system


    • Superior RAS capabilities

    • ECC protection on all important data structures (payload buffers, snoop filter, snoop filter cache, microcode instruction storage)

    • Support for viral and poison state mechanisms for handling error propagation and graceful shutdown


This product is available for purchase. Contact: [email protected]