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DATE & TIME: Wednesday  November 19, 10:30am-12pm
LOCATION: Room 291
BY: Atle Vesterkjær and Laurence Liew

How to Scale In-Memory Real-Time Analytics

Atle Vesterkjær will discuss how big Numascale shared memory systems can be used to get excellent scaling of applications that have been hard to scale on traditional clusters. He presents methods to take advantage of the extreme number of cores that the Numascale systems enable. The combination of large memory and a high number cores make the Numascale Shared Memory solution more balanced for Big Data applications than any other large shared memory system. Applications in the field In-Memory Real-Time Analytics are especially addressed with emphasis on software that Numascale has implemented and offers on its NumaQ systems.

Laurence Liew will share his perspective on the current hype around big data and why people experienced with HPC are best positioned to ride this wave. He will discuss where the big data market is moving, and in particular the next-generation of in-memory analytics infrastructure and software tools.