MEGWARE and Numascale extend their collaboration – co-exhibit at SC14

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New Orleans, November 17, 2014 – MEGWARE and Numascale marks the strengthening of collaboration by co-exhibiting for the third consecutive year at Supercomputing.

MEGWARE is a main partner for Numascale through their great capacity and extensive knowledge as an IT system vendor and integrator. It has established thorough knowledge to handle Numascale’s advanced interconnect system with advanced customers. The HPC company offers servers that are well suited for building small or large multi core and shared memory systems.

“Numascale is very proud of having a highly competent system integrator as MEGWARE as a partner with close collaboration,” said Einar Rustad, CTO in Numascale, “the merits of this collaboration dates back to the days of Dolphin and Scali and the pioneer days for clusters. This underlines the strong bounds and friendship between the companies and forms a base for leadership in the next disruption, large shared memory systems at cluster price”.

“MEGWARE is very happy to be an early partner with Numascale and being able to help out creating successful customer installation with this amazing technology,” said Jörg Heydemüller, Representative of MEGWARE, “this is in line with MEGWARE’s tradition of pointing out new technology directions that will be of great benefit our customers.”

With MEGWARE you can discuss their wide range of very competitive servers, their excellent support program and the new packaging and water cooling systems at SC14. Numascale features the NumaQ data analytics, a novel way to control a large number of GPUs, virtualization on scalable shared memory hardware and the NumaConnect products and technology.

Welcome to the shared booth for a mutually educative discussion!

Visit Numascale and MEGWARE at booth 1923 at SC14.


MEGWARE Computer Vertrieb und Service GmbH is a leading manufacturer of high-performance computers and IT technology in Europe since close to 25 years. The company’s focus is on customer-oriented, tailor-made and innovative system solutions and services, and it is engaged in research and development, production, consultation and distribution.

About Numascale

With offices in Europe, Asia, and USA, Numascale’s groundbreaking NumaConnect interconnect technology enables scalable server computer systems to be built at cluster prices. NumaConnect allows high-volume manufactured server boards to be used as building blocks for systems with features that are only found in the high-end enterprise servers. NumaConnect includes full support for virtualization of processing, memory, and I/O resources, and can be used with standard operating systems.



Einar Rustad

Numascale, CTO

Phone:  +47 92484510
Email:    [email protected]




Jörg Heydemüller

MEGWARE, HPC-Representative

Phone:  +49 3722 528 87

Email:    [email protected]